About Us

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Cyber Info is an independent, privately owned, software solutions provider.

The company was founded in Tokyo, by a management team with many years experience working for international corporations, specializing in the development and marketing of software solutions, particularly for the financial sector.

Cyber Info was established with the aim of producing a superior range of software applications, tailored for financial markets, based on Cyber Info’s proprietary technology. We are primarily a technology company, combining comprehensive experience of designing solutions for the financial community along with rigorous development methodology and ongoing research into the latest software technologies.

Our clients include prominent brokerage institutions for stock trading and foreign exchange dealing, trading systems vendors and financial information providers. We provide consultancy services for bespoke client solutions, as well as offering a number of products designed to optimise the reliability and accessibility of financial data in the trading environment.

We provide customised desktop solutions using the Platform, our component-based data delivery and display architecture. As we are totally independent from data vendors, our solutions are designed to be as flexible as possible, so that front-end display components are completely de-coupled from the underlying data delivery mechanism, giving our clients the freedom to switch between vendors if desired, without impacting their users.  Our components can be purchased individually, or as part of a toolkit.

We have considerable expertise in the the development of trading solutions for mobile phones, and our solutions have been in live operation since 2005, supporting several thousands of users.

We also specialise in providing trading gateways and real-time data feeds for Japanese exchanges (see our JABER libraries) as well as trading gateways for other venues such as forex dealing systems.

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